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As an international consulting company, we are strategic architects and business builders. We leverage decades of real-world business leadership in over fifty countries to develop and implement truly transformational strategies on behalf of our clients. We specialize in five key industries – Automotive, Chemical, Electronics, Energy and Healthcare – to steer client businesses towards sustainable global growth and leadership.

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Clean energy is here in a big way. Solar, wind, geothermal, liquified natural gas, sustainable storage, efficient distribution: these are the tools we must use to save our planet and ourselves.

When future generations look back at the second decade of the 21st century, they will see it as a time when mankind either embraced the energy revolution or squandered an opportunity. Working with some of the largest corporations in the world, we help identify new partners and emerging trends that are reshaping the fossil-fuel industry , incorporating the latest alternative energies such as solar, wind and LNG as well as the smart grids to transport all power efficiently.


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Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and defense industries are becoming leaner, smarter and faster. New entrants and commercial innovations are leading an era where all players must change or be changed. 

As national security concerns rise across the globe with multiplying asymmetrical threats, shrinking defense budgets are demanding more from the private sector than ever before. Technology is changing rapidly and customers increasingly demand more customizability in a time frame of months, not years. With decades of expertise embedded in some of the largest players in the aerospace and defense industries, we help companies refocus their strengths to create positive disruption.


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Health Care

Telemedicine, active pharma ingredients, diagnostics, genomics, targeted therapeutics, wearable technology, healthcare delivery, physician web portals, care continuum… this is the future of healthy living. 

The fastest growing industry in the United States is becoming one of the most crucial across the developed and developing world. The rise of wearables and telemedicine allow us to rethink the role that life science technology plays across the globe, from patient engagement to delivery of care. Working collaboratively with our clients we aim to advance diagnostics and genomic sequencing to develop targeted therapeutics and enable personalized medicine, moving towards our goals to predict diseases and enable cures for cancer.


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Lithium batteries, super capacitors, fuel-cells, EV-charging infrastructure, semi-autonomous activity, industrial automation, even new OEM sales models. It’s a brave new world for the automobile.  

Through increased integration into mobile computing, a renewed focus on personal safety and ground-breaking improvements in propulsion and communication, the automobile is fast becoming more than just a method to move from point A to point B. As these vehicles embrace three revolutions concurrently – renewable energy, autonomous driving and big data, we work with OEMs to understand the importance tech is playing, and why the most innovative machines are no longer unveiled in Detroit, but at the Consumer Electronics Show.


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The future flow of goods and people will be almost seamless. IoT applications, automation, remote sensing and tracking will play a major role in this industry’s transformation. 

Companies stand to realize improved efficiencies and reduced costs due to rapid technological advancements that integrate transportation via air, sea, rail and road to an unprecedented level. But they also face increased competitive pressures due to new market expectations. We work with the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers, multinational shipping conglomerates and regional overland movers to monetize technological innovations and diversify capabilities.

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Chemical production and innovation is at the heart of virtually every modern industry. The companies that can leverage tomorrow’s substances will create profitable, sustainable growth today. 

The chemical industry today is more dynamic than ever, with specialty, commodity and functional chemicals all playing a role in virtually every industry imaginable. Whether looking to reinvigorate R&D and manufacturing or looking to transfer sustainable chemical technology to capitalize on the green movement, we aim to assist firms in developing and commercializing the appropriate chemicals that are the lifeblood of modern innovation.


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Electronic technologies are improving the quality of life and leading disruptive change amongst businesses and consumers alike. Savvy executives across every industry are leveraging digital infrastructure to revolutionize operations.

The age of electronics is ever evolving, and our worldwide team understands the importance that both software and hardware innovations play across industries. Leveraging the latest developments in areas such as the IoT, advanced material manufacturing and wireless communications, we develop & implement creative strategies that revolutionize market segments from industrial automation and connected cars to robotics, and medical devices.


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our roots tie together both the latest emerging and the most developed markets – weaving together cultural understanding, local citizen’s capabilities, sustainable business practices and profitable corporate governance. Our decades spent focusing on the subtle nuances and over-arching opportunities in the BRIC countries, our understanding of what currently works in Japan and what is now possible, our understanding of what it takes to transition from a regional to a global brand in Brazil, India, China, the United Kingdom and the United States, are what truly set us apart. We help you take your destiny into your hands. We are DestinHaus.

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