Private Industry's Answers to a Changing Defensive Landscape

As the world’s defense industries continue to be squeezed by their governments’ sustained budget reductions and competition from disruptive new entrants, a need has arisen to rethink the private defense and aerospace model. We are witnessing defense and aerospace industries that are being forced to transform due to rapid technology development, changes in customer expectations and a widening asymmetric threat landscape. There are of course exceptions to budget cuts in the Middle East, India, China and Central Asia; and positive changes in the regulatory environments of countries such as Japan and India. Yet the broader trend is of two interconnected industries that are rapidly becoming leaner, smarter and faster to give the armies, navies and air forces of the world better security when they need it most.

At DestinHaus we focus our attention on helping clients successfully navigate transformational changes across industries and discover new opportunities abroad. The traditional defense power players and aerospace OEMs grew into greatness in an era where defense-inspired innovations were at the forefront of technological advancements across almost every major market. But the rapidly shifting business environment in the past two and half decades has gradually transformed the landscape in favor of commercial and consumer markets. Today we see much innovation being driven by markets outside the traditional defense contractors.

The business as usual paradigms in the aerospace and defense markets are being challenged by bold new players that are slowly chipping away market share from the established suppliers and manufacturers. At DestinHaus, our vetted team understands the intricacies associated with the defense markets’ shifting paradigms. We work proactively with clients in order to prevent them from becoming victims of disruptive change and instead re-sharpen the tip of the innovation spear.

Our international team addresses many challenges faced by defense industry clients by focusing on the following services:

  • Dissection and analysis of business models
  • Evaluation of internal and external transactional dynamics
  • Identification of market drivers and customer’s future MIRs and demand trends
  • Conception of differentiated solutions via forward-looking technology trends
  • Identification of “unspoken” demand
  • Creation of transformational roadmaps to refocus towards “information superiority” in parallel to traditional “kinetic” solutions
  • Promotion of management to embrace technological breakthroughs that disrupt current businesses in the goal of ultimately having clients becoming the disruptor
aerospace and defense
Aerospace and Defense Industry

“Learning is not compulsory…. neither is survival.”

– W. Edwards Deming