A venture is only as strong as its weakest partner.

Choose Wisely.

Joint Ventures and Partnerships can present huge opportunities to firms that are able to make deals work. They are also inherently risky, requiring large degrees of trust to share vast amounts of Intellectual Property and human resource assets between potential or already-established competitors.

However, the benefits of a proper Joint Venture can open up new markets to firms in areas that were previously unobtainable, raising market share by exponential factors with the possibility of huge profits. The technical expertise, operational efficiencies, cost savings though sourcing or pure years and millions saved in R&D expenses can prevent numerous benefits to a properly-vetted Joint Venture or Partnership.

At DestinHaus, we view partnerships and joint ventures as one of the most powerful tools for companies to overcome stagnation, expand their areas of expertise and market reach. Our team of experts has cumultively secured over $15 billion around the world in merger, acquisition, joint venture and partnership projects, and are experts in identifying the correct methodology to create relationships where both sides mutually benefit.

Collaboration is key, and we know just how to get companies to start working together to create worthwhile, productive projects that strengthen all parts of the whole.

HAUS STAT #302: Proper due diligence can increase a Joint Venture’s 5-year success rate from 40% to 80%.