The Digital Revolution is Now

The electronics industry has emerged from its 20th century beginnings to become the largest global industry. At DestinHaus, we particularly focus on the segment of electronics that encompasses technologies to solve industrial problems.

Our team offers a firm understanding of solid state physics and electronics engineering as well as decades of industry leadership. We offer technology companies the ability to develop strategic visions, form alliances and invigorate global product development to lead disruptive change in an already volatile industry.

DestinHaus’ electronics industry practice focuses on transforming companies through manufacturing excellence, global partnerships and cross border collaboration.  We place increasing emphasis on the interface between the electronics industry and the consumer as well as the interplay between the automotive, energy, chemical, life sciences and electronics industries.  Ours is a focused, yet multidisciplinary approach towards transformational strategies, incorporating:

  • The role of electronics to solve diverse human problems such as mobile health care, renewable energy generation, smart grid infrastructure and electric vehicles development.
  • The trend of wireless video technologies expanding to the connected home to the mobile world
  • The move towards mobile from personal computers
  • The push to connect everyday items online via the Internet of Things
  • The cyclical nature of the semiconductor industry
  • The standouts in data processing, consumer electronics and mobile communications are primary drivers for growth

HAUS STAT #13: Revenue for new, emerging product categories including 3D Printers, 4K Ultra HD TVs, unmanned systems, IP cameras, wearables and connected thermostats is set to double in 2015, growing 108%.