The Future Depends on Sustainability

The economic development of countries is driven largely by the access to low-cost sources of energy. However, reliance on fossil fuels has resulted in global warming and hence threatens the sustainability of our planet. The generation, storage, and distribution of energy is a diverse and vital value chain that is global and multidisciplinary and will continue to be the center of attention of countries, economies and society for the foreseeable future. DestinHaus is here to help companies adjust to this new global energy industry.

We believe that increasing efficiencies in alternative energy sources solar, wind and geothermal will allow the energy industry to quicken its slow move towards sustainability. The exploration, extraction and production of this clean energy must compliment the smart grids being envisioned across the globe.

The challenge for both emerging and industrialized countries is to reduce our levels of energy consumption.  The recent public adoption of electric vehicles is a step in the right direction toward reducing pollution and combating global warming. In every country, the economic and environmental benefits of transitioning the vehicle fleets to electric drive would be enormous. In the US alone, moving to EVs would reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil by more than 60% and greenhouse gases emissions by 40%.

We believe that the world is standing at the precipice of a new cultural level by adopting truly sustainable energy. The components for industry success, from LNG to solar and wind, are already set. Our team works one-on-one with companies to analyze the latest developments and discover and pursue the paths towards global market penetration of renewables. The energy companies that can merge profitability with true sustainability the ones who will power the world of tomorrow, and many days forward.

Through our consulting practice and our Charged2020 global renewable energy forum, DestinHaus focuses on the following in the area of Energy in general and Renewable Energy in particular:

  • Transformational Vision and Strategy that is revolutionary but grounded in reality
  • Need for enhanced dialogue that fosters collaborative thinking and projects
  • Eliminate the need for subsidies.  Are profitability and Sustainability mutually exclusive?
  • Criticality of building, manufacturing excellence in the renewable energy generation, storage and distribution value chains
  • Branding and Leadership
  • Financing: Is good money chasing the appropriate technologies or is too much money chasing bad technologies?

In this diverse field, we work with companies in the areas of oil, gas, solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, energy storage, utilities, smart-grid, biofuels, biomass, EV’s and the EV grid.