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Automotive Technology Transfer

  • Automotive Technology Transfer

Automotive Technology Transfer


fter years of increasing adoption rates by the private sector, electric and hybrid electric automobiles are coming into their own in the commercial sector in a big way. It is estimated that between 2015 and 2023, commercial automotive fleets utilizing new green energy technology will experience a CAGR of almost 30%, bringing the hybrid electric, plugin hybrid electric and battery electric technologies into the commercial vehicle mainstream. One segment poised to benefit significantly from this alternative energy revolution is composed of worldwide taxi services, which have historically contributed large amounts of emissions due to their 24/7 presence meeting a highly variable demand rate.

DestinHaus worked with one of the largest global automotive manufacturers to analyze the challenges for a next-generation taxi fleet and to develop a global go-to-market strategy that capitalizes on the growing trend to prevent climate change. This project required a worldwide perspective incorporating the commonalities and variances of local government regulations on taxi services across major metropolises, in both industrialized and emerging economies.

DestinHaus analyzed local conditions in cities as far reaching as Tokyo, London, New York, Barcelona and Sao Paulo. Our team surveyed and interviewed dozens of battery producers, charging station manufacturers and local officials to understand the current landscape to rollout cleaner taxis with smaller carbon footprints. We then collaborated with a renowned university to develop decision support systems for EV taxi fleet deployment services.

The DestinHaus team applied proprietary in-depth analysis of ownership models in each target city to propose methods to change the outlook of private corporations and government agencies that have already invested heavily in existing vehicle fleets. The result was an optimal strategy that highlighted how our manufacturer client could gain a competitive advantage over the deeply embedded fleets of today and create global demand in the world’s urban jungles for the taxis of tomorrow.