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Health Care Product Innovation

  • Health Care Product Innovation

Health Care Product Innovation


he health care industry continues to push boundaries with ever-smarter technologies to assist clinicians. One of the most promising fields for this new age of medical computing lies in the healthcare imaging market, which allows for better detection and diagnosis of medical issues and thus, earlier treatment and optimum patient results.

When the product life cycle plateaued for one market player’s hardware offering in this space, a value-added software service was envisioned to better identify diseases such as lung cancer and tuberculosis. The new suite of software tools would be used to improve image quality through bone suppression, nodule enhancement and other techniques.

As this project correlated with DestinHaus’ healthcare mission to enable better care quality, we were identified to gauge the need for such a tool. Our team began by identifying over 100 key opinion leaders in the US health care field, primarily radiologists involved in clinical care and scientific research. After gathering and analyzing their findings, DestinHaus contacted these players directly to discuss their opinions of the software project and its potential ramifications on detecting diseases in a timely manner.

DestinHaus prides itself on its research prowess and ability to connect various collaborators across an industry by highlighting shared interests – including multinational executives, cutting-edge startup founders, and world-renowned university research teams and hospital staff. We positioned the project with a clear value proposition for all parties, and as such were able to gain information that would otherwise have been publicly unavailable or been extremely difficult to obtain. Our final report not only summarized the findings in the imaging software competitive landscape but also laid out the specific next steps to implement a next-generation, medical-grade technology product.

As a result of this research our client has a gained a good understanding of the needs of the industry and is currently developing the software suite to further penetrate the market with value added service to its hardware. The end product will not only be easier for clinicians to work with, but will most importantly improve detection and diagnosis to improve patient care and save lives.