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Industrial Automation Strategy

Industrial Automation Strategy


ometimes it takes an outside perspective to realize the opportunities that are within a company’s grasp. In one case, a global, electronics components manufacturing firm headquartered in Japan was doing just that – focusing too heavily on a narrow product line to automate various process manufacturing industries. While the company has a strong presence in Asia and is one of the top organizations providing products for the oil, gas, and chemical industries, it was struggling to gain global market share with its top-of-the line hardware and was in particular need of a strategy to grow business in the US and other Western markets.

DestinHaus was brought in due to our expertise in developing innovative industrial automation strategies and reshaping organizational culture to significantly increase profitability. Through our insider knowledge of electronics and wireless communication technologies, industry regulations, and trends in Internet of Things, we were able to provide the client with a transformational strategy that would enable it to successfully grow its new business units around the world.

Utilizing our extensive research expertise, DestinHaus studied the regulations, standards and compliance issues that needed to be addressed, identified key trends and drivers, and gathered detailed information on the competitive dynamics to recommend the proper market-driven solutions. Our experience enabled us to provide deep insights on the networks and protocols needed to be competitive in this sector. We worked closely and collaboratively with the client to understand their needs and build an all-inclusive strategy.

Our recommendation embodied a market-driven approach through acquisitions and joint ventures, which would result in an instantly larger market share, as well as enhanced R&D for long-term competitiveness. Strategic acquisitions allowed our client to provide superior technical, integrated and customized solutions to the market, and highlight the organization as an industry leader. To enhance the client’s position as a leading electronics solutions provider, the transformational strategy included differentiated solutions for rapid global penetration and growth.

With DestinHaus’ guidance, the client is working to evolve from a supplier of a narrow line of hardware products to a total automation solution provider for multiple functions in the process manufacturing industries. The company is now incorporating wireless technology and IOT-friendly software into its revised product line and is expecting a bright future with a more comprehensive product portfolio and broader market reach.