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Private Equity Strategic Acquisition

  • Private Equity Strategic Acquisition

Private Equity Strategic Acquisition

Private Equity firms have become increasingly involed with the chemical industry for decades. When a US.-based company approached DestinHaus to help them establish a vision and strategy to successfully build and operate in this area, DestinHaus was there to answer the call.

Tapping into our decades of industry expertise, we quickly developed a long-term goal and suitable short-term goals prior to embarking on an acquisitions strategy. After studying the culture of the client and determining their ideal fit, DestinHaus identified suitable anchor/core acquisitions along with the appropriate bolt-on acquisitions. We established the appropriate key drivers of industry consolidation, cost reduction and focused growth in order to build $3 billion global business within one year and then IPO or sell the business thus built.

DestinHaus identified the appropriate platform acquisition in the United Kingdom, coupled with a series of international bolt-on acquisitions, that would enable to formation of a world-scale, world-class international specialty chemical business. Utilizing our personal relationships in the industry, we established the requisite meetings and brainstorming discussions with the relevant executives. Our strategic rationale argument to the acquisition platform’s CEO was so strong that he recommended his approach to his own Board of Directors.