We are DestinHaus

… a global business building company

We specialize in developing and implementing global growth strategies, working alongside our clients to realize strategic value creation initiatives. Through our work across our five core industries – Automotive, Chemicals, Electronics, Energy, and Life Sciences – we provide impactful insights and hands-on implementation services needed to build our clients’ businesses globally. Our industry expertise and global team provide us with the breadth and depth required to create winning solutions in complex markets.


With over 13 years in business, we have supported our clients with actionable market insights, business building expertise, and hands-on strategy implementation. Through our client-centric approach, we bridge geographies and cultures to build truly innovative business models that drive sustainable long-term growth.

We are Business Architects and Business Builders

Complex industries require customized solutions.  In order to deliver the value that our clients deserve, we have developed a robust portfolio of services that
enables long-term value creation in any business situation, anywhere in the world.

Our Functional Expertise

Market Research

Performing in-depth value chain analysis and market research

Global Business Strategy

Helping clients build capabilities and penetrate new markets

Product Commercialization

Bringing a product from R&D to full-scale commercialization

Investment & Collaboration

Identifying and analyzing inorganic growth opportunities

Portfolio Broadening

Transforming a product into a solutions-focused business

New Business Initiatives

Combining industry expertise and operational experience to evaluate R&D and capex opportunities

Unique Solutions for Complex Industries


Clean energy is here in a big way. Solar, wind, geothermal, liquified natural gas, sustainable storage, efficient distribution: these are the tools we must use to save our planet and ourselves.

We want to make sure that when future generations look back at the early 21st century, they see it as a time when mankind embraced the energy revolution. Working with some of the world’s largest corporations, we help identify new partners and emerging trends that are reshaping the fossil fuel industry and incorporating renewable sources into the energy ecosystem.

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Life Sciences

The 21st century has brought us several medical breakthroughs, and we have seen areas across the healthcare spectrum, such as Regenerative Medicine and Telemedicine, revolutionize the healthcare paradigm. It is now our job to bring forward the next wave of innovation in Life Sciences. 

The Life Sciences industry is becoming one of the most crucial across developed and developing countries. Working collaboratively with our clients, we aim to advance diagnostics, regenerative medicine, and precision therapeutics, moving towards our goal of developing cures and eradicating diseases.

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From electric vehicles and lightweighting to autonomous vehicles and V2X communication, the entire automotive value chain is poised for disruption.

The automobile is transforming from a mode of transportation into a mega-device, driving significant shifts across the automotive value chain. We pride ourselves on being on the front lines of this transformation, working alongside our clients and partners to enable the development of the future automobile.

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Chemical production and innovation is at the heart of virtually every modern industry. The companies that can truly harness the power of today’s materials will create sustainable growth for tomorrow.

The chemical industry today is more dynamic than ever, with specialty, commodity and functional chemicals all playing a role in virtually every industry imaginable. Whether looking to reinvigorate R&D and manufacturing or looking to transfer sustainable chemical technology to capitalize on the green movement, we aim to assist firms in developing and commercializing these materials that are the lifeblood of modern innovation.

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Electronic technologies are improving the quality of life and leading disruptive change amongst businesses and consumers alike. Savvy executives across every industry are leveraging digital infrastructure to revolutionize operations.

The electronics industry is constantly evolving, and our worldwide team understands the importance that both software and hardware innovations play across industries. Building on the latest developments in areas such as IoT, advanced manufacturing, and wireless communications, we develop & implement creative strategies that revolutionize market segments from industrial automation and connected cars to robotics and medical devices.

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