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Charged 2020: The Global Renewable Energy Forum

  • Charged 2020: The Global Renewable Energy Forum

Charged 2020: The Global Renewable Energy Forum

Our Energy Industry practice came to the realization that the renewable energy generation, storage and distribution value chains needed much more focus on dialogue and discussion if it is to move away from a dependance on subsidies. We wanted to create a platform that would facilitate renewable energy dialogue, a forum for open and constructive debate on multiple issues including the provocative ones, a setting where everyone’s voice would be heard.  Our vision was for such a forum to foster innovative thinking and collaborative partnerships to help make our planet more sustainable.

And thus, “Charged2020:  The Global Renewable Energy Forum,” was born. Teaming up with academia, laboratories of international repute and the renewable energy industry, Charged2020 seeks to promote sustainable innovation along all aspects of the renewable energy value chain. Participant groups include several senior executives from the energy industry, faculty members world-renowned in their respective fields and senior personnel from national laboratories.

There was unanimous consent that the Charged2020 Renewable Energy Forum was unique in its focus on debate and dialogue. We actively encourage different opinions. We want people to raise provocative issues. We want people to disagree with each other. Our firm belief is that we need to have such dialogue in a constructive manner in order to further the cause of renewable energy and sustainability.  Based on two years of research, we have found the following to be the key needs of this industry and we are actively working to address them:

1) Foster collaborative thinking on projects through enhanced dialogue

2) Solve profitability vs. sustainability debate to eliminate subsidies

3) Build renewable manufacturing excellence in the United States

4) Focus on whether financing is chasing appropriate technologies or bad technologies